Escalona Eats!

Bio: Hello and welcome to Escalona Eats! This is the inaugural our food blogging endeavor, and I have to say, it's pretty exciting. My husband and I love to travel, love food, and love to eat! More importantly, we are passionate about respecting the processes of getting ones food from grower to table. We do our best at being as conscious consumers and preparers, and we embrace the preparation of a meal almost as much as we do eating it. Together, we are slightly obsessed with farmers markets; continually attempting to augment our diet to be more local, more organic, and more healthy without breaking the bank or sacrificing flavor. Though I am the more passionate cook, he is an incredible sidekick. He supports my crazy culinary antics by, not only chopping a mean onion (or six), but by being the chief overseer of our urban garden, and master cleaner-upper when I've gotten over creative. It also helps that he likes leftovers. We are on a constant quest to try new things, to prepare comfort foods more healthily, to experiment, to get creative with earth's incredible bounty, to share and learn, and to have fun along the way.

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